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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Take This Blog and Shove It. (Sports Rants)
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Final Four: UConn, Boston College, Memphis, Texas.

UConn over Texas.

Sleeper: Mich. St.

Cindarella: Wisco Mil, Iona

M.V.P.: Craig Smith B.C.


Arizona will not have the best offense next year. Edge is cool, wide outs are great, but Old Man Warner is still throwin' it.

Indy may feel the loss of James more than they think. (Bengals immediately match up better with the Colts).

Dexter Jackson is a solid upgrade at safety. Reports have the Bengals waiting to sign Sam Adams, and ESPN reports Arrington might be on our radar as a DE. Add a good draft (TE, CB, DT, OT) and our D is a legitimate top 10.

Cleveland is handling their business in FA. B-more is not. Steelers have been quiet (I guess you don't change much to a championship team).

Miami should win the AFC East with Daunte. Nick Saban seems to be a good one. Jets need more certainty before they improve. Do the Bills have a coach yet? Pats are aging.

Who will the saints draft now? Not Leinart. Ferguson or trade the pick. Leinart should go to Titans. Norm Chow is there, and he could sit and watch McNair the first year. Who wants to try the Aaron Brooks experiment? He'd be the top back up in the league, but somebody like the Raiders will give him a try (suckers).

Giants helped out themselves with Madison, but I still think they need LB's. Arrington may be on their radar too. Washington spends a lot. Archuletta got overpaid. Keyshawn still has some good catches across the middle in him. Why sign Matt Shoebel for five years to sit behind LJ Smith?

Rams improved with Glover, Chavious, Witherspoon. They could win that sorry division next year (sorry Hawks). Alex Smith had better show me something this year or he gets the "flop" brand. I was never impressed. Antonio Bryant can get open, but can't catch.

AFC West has been very quiet. TO to Denver. I hate shanahan but he gets it done. He looks like a Bush.

Kitna might do well in Detroit. Too bad he needs like three years in an offense to feel comfortable. Solid QB's are so precious. Aaron Rodgers is soft. Green Bay stinks. If I were Javon Walker, I'd want out too. What's a rich, young black guy gonna do in Green Bay when the team sucks? It's like the T-Wolves trying to attract FA's. It's cold and too white.


Spurs shouldn't be allowed to have Finley, Barry, Van Exal, G Robinson, all on their bench! Phoenix without Amare, or Dallas can't beat them. Detroit is just a cool team. Hard workers, grunts, good team chemistry, thorny defense, and Sheed is the recipe to success. Spurs still win in the finals.

Shaq is fading. Wade is spectacular. Paul Pierce needs a new team. The Knicks are a mess. The Bulls need size, but they're a fun team. Bogut is a very nice prospect. LeBron is feeling the pressure of a superstar. Is he even 21 yet? Melo has a bad attitude, and is not smart (snitches?!). Dirk is the ultimate reg. season player. Artest is better than you want to admit. the whole league needs more true centers. How can they just die out from our generation?

Baseball sucks (sorry Isaac). I'll get into that another day.

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