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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let's see some hands.

I don't want to get too preachy with you folks, and I don't want anybody thinking I'm some kind of "holier than thou" because I'm absolutely not. But...

I want to encourage everybody to give one hour of their week to do something for someone else. This can be as little as picking up trash on your street, or as involved as volunteering for charitable organizations. This could also just be watching someone's kids for an hour to give a single parent time do something else. Or making a grocery run for an elderly/handicapped person. There's a million ways to contribute.

In Cincinnati there is an org. called "Center for Peace Education" where they provide kids peaceful alternatives to handling confrontational situations. They're managed by a bigger org. called Community Shares where an individaul can learn how to get involved with like 30 different grass-roots projects. They're very flexible.

I know many of you already do something or other for the world, and I know for others time is the most valuable commodity in their lives and it's hard to donate some. But I'm just putting the message out there, and it never hurts to tell somebody else.

It will make yourself and others around you feel better. 2006 is "Actions not Words", can you dig it?

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