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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD

Ah...Valentines Day. There are so many opinions on today's theme. Let's have a look.

First is the classic scenario. Boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife: traditionally, the women are very excited about today. They know their man has to show them the utmost attention, and also has to make them feel very special. While the guys dread the money needed to buy some material gift that says, "I bought you this so you won't bitch at me about not caring." Also in the traditional sense, a large part of the man's motivation, is of course, the hope he'll be rewarded through some out-of-the-ordinary Valentines sex. Let's be realistic.

The next take is the depressed single person. This comes in two forms. First is the disguised"Valentine's Day is nothing but a consumer mechanism designed to make old white men richer," idea. Or the more blatant "Fuck today because I don't have anybody," attitude. These rainclouds are hard to put up with on such occasions.

Finally, we have the relieved single person. Many have recently left a relationship and smile at the idea of saving a few bucks. Others have accepted that they're alone and will sometimes reward themselves for their freedom from the Valentines Day pressures.

Really it is a Hallmark holiday. People get back out and start spending money again, and it helps the economy a bit after the post-Christmas lull. Everybody knows that. But it's also a celebration of love (I realize how cheesy that sounds). If it brings some folks closer together it can't be all bad. And all the people that paint it as a weird social pressure to need a Valentine are doing so to themselves. If your unhappy with your situation, get up and do something about it. I wish I could but they got me in this cage. Too bad, I could be a real Valentine's Day champion. I mean, you see the picture.

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