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Friday, March 03, 2006


How about some conspiracy drug talk?

Illegal drugs are perpetuated by the US government for the following reasons:

Internationally: US govt. monitors and allows, and probably funds, the crop harvesting of the raw materials needed to make illegal drugs. They ensure the process goes smooth enough to keep the drug trade booming, while marginally reducing land used to grow poppies, coca, whatever. They also use drugs as a front for international political agendas, like invasions (see; Panama, Afghanistan). Recently we hear of broad connections of drug trafficking linked with various terrorist groups. Just more rhetoric to paint "enemies of American interests" as soulless monsters who will stoop to any level to "destroy our way of life".

Domestically: US govt. uses drugs as reasons to elect politicians. Reagan's "War on Drugs" came in response to the crack epidemic of the 80's. It's been debated the CIA initiated the distribution of crack to American ghettos at that time. Drugs are perpetuated to ensure the survival of prison systems. Majority of prisoners are convicted of drug related activity. The FBI has to appear to be doing something, after all. Drugs serve as a very sound social control which eliminates productive citizens in poorer communities and removes other citizens from society altogether via prison.

Locally: Drugs keep local police officers necessary. We're told the streets are dangerous and drug infested so we need police to protect us from them. Arrests are made on the street level instead of targeting bigger distributors who are wealthier and more powerful. Drugs boost the local economy, particularly through fines and court costs. Police like to point to a cities "drug problem" for more funding that gets them cooler guns. If they cleaned up a town too much the "problem" would go away and so would additional funding.

People get shot all the time in Cincinnati. Nearly all the shootings stem from something drug related. Not like people getting all messed up on drugs and going on shooting sprees. More like sellers battling over turf and/or customers. The crime stats nation wide are skewed due to drug trafficking. Aside from an occasional armed robbery, innocent people rarely get shot. Drugs are going to exist in society no matter what. The effort to eliminate them altogether is a farce, a cover up. It's an unrealistic goal spoon fed to us to trick us out of more tax money to combat it. Parenting/mentoring/teaching kids to stay away from dangerous drugs is a far more effective deterrent than wiping out the drug dealers of the world. Bush snorted coke, Clinton smoked weed, and everybody gets drunk. Is this the problem? No. I say let the drug traffickers of the world to do their thing and just leave me and mine alone.

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