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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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I mentioned that a political power was behind perpetuating the Mohammed cartoons in my entry "Lonny Toons". Now we know it's either U.S., Israel, or both.

For those who havn't, read this N.Y. Times story,

Okay, for those who still didn't read that, it says that Isaeli officials are figuring out ways to overthrow the new Hamas government in Palestine. Both US and Israel plan to "starve the Palestinian authority of money to the point where Palestinians will grow tired of Hamas leadership, and current leader Mahmoud Abbas will need to call for another election."

Disgusting. First, we demand democracy be implemented throughout the entire universe, because they tell us it's the best way of life, and that every human deserves it. Then when a country goes through democratic measures in VOTING for a new election, and it doesn't go the way the US likes, so we do whatever it takes to change that outcome. Now, when I suggest that US and Isaeli foriegn policy are the same, that's because it is.

Clearly this neo-conservative, zionist movement to force a regime change in Palestine, has orchestrated the Mohammed cartoon riots throughout the Middle East, in order to portray the Islamic populace as a group to be scared of, and make it easier to remove Hamas from leadership. Bush will connect the two situations the next time he speaks publicly, I almost guarantee you.

I hope your ready for real violent situation in that area, folks. Israel isn't welcomed to that general neighborhood, and Iran has recently called openly for the destruction of Israel. It only makes sense that Iran would aid Hamas in any kind of military confrontation with Israel. That would likely motivate Syria and Hezbollah to get involved. Then the US would have to protect Israel and stretch the military out furthur, not to mention increasing the macro Islamic hatred toward the US.

And the worst part of it is that both US and Israel would be guilty of some serious war crimes, but not even the UN would fuck with them. You can't overturn a fair democratic election because you don't like the outcome. But we refuse to comply to international war crime protocal. I bet if you asked Milosivich, he'd say the same thing. That guy's defending himself in the Hague war crime tribunal. Bush knows he will never be foced to face any type of that scenario because he and his NeoCons runs this world. He and the other select large business owners dictate the course of our history. They make the power moves just like this one.

Be ready folks. The shit is ever so close to the fan, and we'll live to see it splatter. Learn the survival skills now. Practice relying on only yourself, so you might be prepared for anything.

To the NSA: I obvioulsy have no proof as to the content of this blog entry. It is solely my opinion based on public information, which I have interpreted as such. You scare me just enough for me to clarify. Congratulations.

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