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Friday, February 17, 2006

"Overlooked Occupations in America" vol. 212

Welcome friends. It's time to play..."Overlooked Occupations in America".

Today's occupation coincidentally pertains to buses again. It's the drivers of the short-buses. That's right.

Advantages: A smaller vehicle to manuever. Less disciplinary problems from the kids. Wider aisles to move around the bus easier. You drive early in the morning, then again in the afternoon. In between time is free. Less kids to pick up/drop off, than reg. buses. Sounds noble and caring when explaining your job to women. Rarely ever noticed while inside the bus (honestly, no one peers in a short bus to seek out the normal guy). Weekends off.

Disadvantages: Probable certification of some sort. CPR. An occasional crapping from a passenger. Must have a clean driving record. A likely drug test. Early mornings. Impossible to feel cool. The unescapable fact you'd still be driving a bus around for a living.

I pondered this over the other day as I watched a short bus stop across the street of where my cage sits. A very fat man squeezed out of the front door of the bus and blew the biggest snot-rocket from his nose. That, I decided, was the first time I ever noticed the actual people driving these joke-laden forms of transportation. I applauded him and rolled around the grass for the kids entertainment. Moj love da kids. Though I don't know how many registered the fact I was a giant ape.

Tune in next time, when we discuss the shadowy voice that is the tow-truck dispatcher, on "Overlooked Occupations of America".

Mojokong - from under the rock


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