Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friday, March 03, 2006

A tribute to the cat.

I warn you now, this isn't worth reading.

The cat has lived with my family for like twelve years. No one loves the cat but everyone feeds her and puts up with her being there. She has never had a true name, but we have grown acustomed to adding an "o" to whatever month it is (i.e. Septo, Octo, ect..), and just calling her that. Right now she's Marche' (Basilgrey) because the theme has expanded over time.

She's gangster as fuck. She used to battle the other cats all the time in the woods in her younger days. You could here them fighting in the middle of night. She's now O.G. status and lives peacefully on the porch. Goat even recognizes her status as an established member of the cagehold but feels very conflicted about it, him being a dog and all. He has a contract to live up to concerning cats, but out of the immense respect she demands, he reluctantly allows her presence when he's hanging out. She's bad ass.

This is the most attention she's ever received. Who knows how long she'll be around the cage. To the cat.

Mojokong the Drunken Monkey (heeheehee)


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