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Monday, March 06, 2006
Follow Your Shot (Big Dance Preview)
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UConn - Best team in the country. Very tall, shot blocking extroardinares (Boone, Armstrong, Gay) solid swingmen (Brown, Andersen), and a good point guard (M. Williams) leaves little to exploit against this group. Calhoun knows what he's doing.

Duke - Solid but gay. Reddick is the college Kobe (although nowhere near as talented), Sheldon W. is an ore-hauler, but the supporting dookies aren't championship level. Not this year bitches. Duke sucks.

Nova - Has terrific guards. Ray and Foye are point producers, but they lack size and depth up front. They need a fast paced, high scoring game to beat other contenders.

Memphis - I've not watched once this season. They're in a lame conference.

GW - Run n' gun paced team. Needs turn overs to win. Also in lame conference.

Zags - As good as Morrison is, the rest is too random to make a major tournament impact. Lame conference again.

Texas - Gibson, Tucker are good. They always have a big white guy who can rebound. Barnes has done well in recent tourneys. Could get hot during Big 12 tourn.

Illinios - Augestine can play. Dee B. is a jitterbug who can shoot and doesn't turn the ball over. They have smart role players.

UNC - Hansbrough's agility and ability to face up and take the ball to the rack impressed me. I also like Terry. They're very young but pretty tough.

Mich St. - Has underachieved late in the season, but still has lots of talent and a good coach. I like big Paul.

* I haven't watched Ohio St., Boston College, Pitt (Krauser is good), or any Pac-10 this year.

UC has played as hard as they can for Kennedy. He inherited a pretty crappy roster, compounded by injuries. I have traditionally been a UC hater but even I pulled for these overachievers. Keep him.

UK is the opposite. They have real talent but don't take games seriously enough to win. They go through basketball motions but don't concentrate during crucial stretches. They stand around on offense and have trouble rebounding. They need to heat up in the SEC tourn. to win any games in the big dance. It hurts to watch them blow it all the time.

Watch for some bubble team to win or almost win it's conference tourn. and go deep into the NCAA. West Vir. and NC State are recent examples.

Mojokong - "with the jump hook"


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