Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, February 13, 2006

the stickers on baseball hats.

Today's rant concerns the stickers on the bills of the baseball hats these youngsters are sporting nowadays. Never mind that the hat already looks like shit with their ears tucked underneath because it's three sizes too big, or the fact the bill is flat, or even that every emblem in the NBA is splattered all over it. Gangsta cowboys with A.D.D. hats, is what they remind me of.

It's the, "See, it's not a knockoff. I paid full price 'cause I got it like that." attitude that's getting to me. Consumption status at it's worst. Reminds me of when kids use to leave the Nike tags on thier shoes. I understand it's important to be noticed and feel accepted, and that it's also important to feel proud of your image. But those hats are like thirty bucks, and rarely do you ever see an old tarnished one. The New Era symbol is visible enough cool guy. Use that three hundred bucks a year on a decent muffler instead and go ahead, buy a knockoff hat.

Mojokong the Mangy


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