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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The world need smore Hacksaws

A lot has been made over the years of the selfish attitudes of pro athletes, but today we focus on a damn good one. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. "Hooooooooooh!!!"

Hacksaw went about his business with a humble, workman's like philosophy wielding an Amreican flag, and a 2x4. Jim was a simple wrestler who liked to stick out his tongue and give everybody an enthusiastic thumbs-up after, before, and during matches. Me and my kind are huge fans of his for being one of the most ape-like pro atheletes of all time (see: Paul Silas, Lyle Alzedo, and the classic missing link Pat Ewing). Ocasionally, one the Gorillas will bust out with a "hooooooooooh", and that gets everybody going for a while. A lot of thumbs up and tongues out around my cage.

He never seemed to be the top dog of pro wrestling, but he never griped. He would kick a little ass, give a hardy "Hooooooooooh", and probably go smash a case of beer with his 2x4. THe TO's of the world could take a lesson of Hack's attitude of how things get done the right way. That is unintelligably, with a huge wooden board slung across your shoulders. And probably drunk. See how contract negotiations go then, especially when you scare the crap out of ownership by screaming "hooooooooh" with your tongue scattering saliva beads all over the board table.

Hacksaw here is to the genius in your simplicity. "HooooooooooooooooooooH!!!"


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