Friday, June 20, 2008

Some religions are a collective agreement of an ancient person’s interpretation of their natural environment.
In various time frames throughout history, select men have, on paper, spoken with God. These men were blessed with such an honor for living the way God had intended we humans to live. There are, of course, no more such privileged men now because Mohamed perfected God’s message, which was perfectly written down and has been preserved perfectly ever since.
By and large, people concede there is an outer space which does contain other planets, like the one we live on here. God probably created those too, right? So now we go into the fact that we’re intelligent life forms. That’s why we have the intellect to understand our relationship with God enough to have a soul. Unlike dogs, or dolphins, we have free will, and that already puts us on a higher spiritual plateau. It’s how we use it that will separate our souls once the big Apocalypse rolls around.
The point is this, if life cropped up on, lets say Saturn’s moon Titan for instance. Just a basic simple organism, growing from an environment made up almost entirely of nitrogen. God isn’t concerned with that because it isn’t intelligent enough to understand God, cant make free will decisions, and is therefore ignored by God. And if life evolved on Titan (not that life evolved here, I’m not saying that), and became intelligent enough to send us an encrypted radio signal that made no mention of any God fellow in it, they would still be ignored by God because they would not look like man, and therefore wouldn’t have been created in God’s image. After all, God likes the human look with hair and hands, not some weird crustacean submerged in an ocean of liquid nitrogen.
The prophets never spoke with God, because of a variety of reasons.
1. God is cosmic, not Earthly, except for the fact that Earth is part of the cosmos. God is nature not human, except for the fact that humans are part of nature. God’s favoritism toward Earth and it’s humans is, like the wind favoring leaves to blow around instead of sand. The wind blows everything it touches, no matter what’s in its way.
2. What the prophets thought was God speaking to them was the powerful combination of wisdom, reason, and logic, forming truths of reality. Sometimes ideas that have lived a long time alone in the shadows of someone’s mind, will come out, have a drink, and start to mingle a little with other lonely ideas. Eventually these ideas hook-up, and produce a new idea so sensible and helpful, that the man who owns the mind and it’s ideas will believe that he is incapable of forming such a truth of reality. Now here’s the kicker. Other people will say that this logical, practical, reasonable, clear truth of the world is indeed false. In short, it sounded so good at the time, that it was hard to believe any man could have such a thought in his human brain. So they decided that God must be communicating to that person in some obscure way. Not directly per say, but through some means of telepathy. The term Angel was born to describe the telepathic communications they perceived as taking place.


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