Friday, June 20, 2008

“Chain of Events”

The space between continents is vast, separated by sea. The space between planets is vast, separated by junky satellites and government issued sound waves. The amount of physical land, on which humans dwell is microscopic on a larger scale. There are only three billion people in existence. Not on planet earth...anywhere. And somehow, you and I are one of those.
How did I get a ticket to the big dance? I suppose I don’t really care. I’m here, breathing oxygen, laughing, smoking pot. In fact, I’ve had the ability to become friends with another species of mammals, who happens to be more rare than humans. I am truly grateful to stand on our little rock, and alter the lives of others. To that small organism that once lived on a blade of grass, in a park, next to a river, in Ohio... I am sorry I killed you.
Mojokong 2004 A.D.


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