Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bob. My Dad. More unique than you know. Not one of a kind, because you and I know many people with pieces of him, but not anyone’s all that much like him. I always catch myself shaking my head at him, constantly amazed at his insight to life. That’s what it is. He literally sees life differently from us. Never have I seen a person seize the moment like my dad. The way Kobe is able to see the game he plays in slow motion, Bob plays life that way. He’s a hard worker, and a good parent. He’s the most thoughtful guy you could ask for and truly takes pleasure in helping folks who need some.

Dad’s humor is a calling card to his personality. A punster for life. He loves his classics, which I use regularly out of habit. He makes smiles like Gates makes money, affecting whole rooms sometimes. He can be the central nervous system to some parties, and always chooses the most complimentary things to say when conversing with any woman. His romantic endeavors are tactical missile strikes equipped with flowers and homemade cards. The CIA wishes they could operate so efficiently.

As a parent he’s gone to imaginative limits to positively entertain his kids. It doesn’t take too long of a look to see he tries his best for his kids. If I’m ever a parent, I could only wish I would be able to be such a terrific dad. He’s the greatest.

There was a moment, in Italy for his fiftieth birthday, where his friends and family were going around the table toasting him. It came to be my turn and instead of saying how I truly felt, I wilted under the spotlight knowing the importance of the moment. I said something unimpressive enough that no one remembers it today. He is my favorite thing. I have no kids, no wife. I love my mom, my sister, and my dog. But there could never be anything like Dad. I value our time together, I know it wont be forever. To my Dad, Bob Burke.


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