Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Week in News


Ethiopia is experiencing a transitional government from a military to regime back to an Islamist regime. The people were reportedly pleased with this development, but infighting between moderate and extremist Muslims is expected. Look for the US to eventually become increasingly interested in this matter the more “extremist” Ethiopia’s government becomes.


A plane went down in the Hudson River yesterday after a flock of Canadian geese knocked the craft off course. Apparently, there’s now a plane-bird debate happening online at the New York Times. Some people are actually arguing that there are too many birds in the sky and credit a bird increase to wildlife conservation efforts. Rich airline guys want to kill birds to allow their planes to travel undeterred – what a shock.


Israel is beginning to posture as if it is interested in a cease-fire with Palestine, but really, they want to come out looking like the sensible one in the conflict. It’s pretty easy to start a war, pound your opposition to oblivion, and then say “what we’re doing is crazy! In a sign of good faith, we’re gonna put an end to this.” Cowards.

I know, I know. You’re thinking that I have it all wrong; that I’m siding with terrorists who refuse to reason like sensible human beings – and you may be right. But not everyone living in Gaza is a blood-thirsty maniac unwilling to listen to anyone.

Huge digression:

* In a sure-fire sign that I’m getting old, I can hardly bare any MC who raps on the mic anymore. I feel so many quality beats are wasted by demanding that they be accompanied with lyrics. Most of what these young men and women have to say is the opposite of irrelevant: it’s annoying. Every now and again, somebody will surprise me and say something clever or halfway sensible, but that happens less all the time. Some have enough intelligence, but feel the need to scream at me, and I just don’t like that. Although J-Live is an interesting new guy. Check him out.

That’s another old-person thing that has taken hold of me: I hate loud noises – of all kinds. There are some people who use noise as power – typically people with the look-at-me syndrome: teenagers, nearly attractive women, men who spend too much time with cars, etc. They’re loud to the point of distraction which makes you acknowledge their presence and award them the victory. Whether it be their obnoxious ring-tone which is played out in its entirety before answering their phone, a bolt-rattling car stereo that’s playing Miami bass music made in 1991, or the young thug who must rap aloud wherever he/she is. And by no means assume I’m speaking only of the black community when I mention these annoyances; the loud guy/girl exists in every culture, I’ll betcha.

Sorry, back to Israel:

The point is, anyone can see that when you’re up 1100 to 13, that is running up the score, not defending yourself (and for those who may consider using a death-toll for a score is both callous and monstrous: what is war if it isn’t that?).

The Palestinians are still pissed that Israel has taken the land that used to be their home; they just can’t get over it. I kind of understand, but not to such an extreme. To make matters worse – and I do mean worse – this little plot of coastline has to be the holy land for both of them. If only one side could realize that it’s only land and that on planet Earth, there’s a decent amount of it. Since each claim that they were there first – like children feuding – perhaps both parties should have to find new continents to settle. Then again, if we really did give the Jews Montana, they might start air-raiding Calgary. Also, if Israel thought Hamas was crazy, they haven’t known the likes of insane US militiamen armed to the teeth on compounds and shit. Maybe that’s not such a good idea after all.

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