Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day Goes Smoothly

by B. Clifton Burke

Where were the long lines? Where was all the excitement, the hubbub?

Election Day went off without a hitch at the 12-b voting precinct at Little Sisters of the Poor on Riddle road in Clifton. Poll workers said there were some lines early in the day, but were surprised at the lack of lines and intense political activity as the day winded down.

In other polling stations throughout Cincinnati, lines grew to a two hour wait, but pollsters said they felt that the high volume of college students within the precinct, likely translated into many voters casting their ballots before Election Day. One worker pointed out how many students also may have casted absentee ballots to the areas that they have moved to college from.

Voter turnout was historically high city-wide around Cincinnati, and many voters anticipated a crazy day of long lines, intense political debate and perhaps even civil unrest. Instead, all the excitement a voter came away with after they voted was the sense of making a difference and receiving a sticker.

“I’m relieved that it wasn’t a huge process,” said Becca Dugan, 23, of Clifton. “I set aside a lot of time to get this done, and now I can get some work done around my apartment.”

Campaigners and other people with flyers and written material stood outside of the polling station and were required to stand at minimum of 100 feet from the entrance. Campaigners and politicians were allowed to vote, of course, but they were not permitted to wear any electioneering clothing or accessories into the polling station.

Polling workers said they hadn’t encountered any problems as of 4pm in the afternoon on Tuesday.


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