Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate - 10/7/08

Last night's debate surprised me in how detailed the questions were. I thought the question of how the candidates would prioritize the current question was especially telling. McCain seemed to try his best to skirt around the question by saying he would attack all three at once. Obama, however, was candid and honest about his take on the issue. I also felt the question about invading Pakistan if Osama Bin Laden was found there demanded some specific answers. I again commend Barak for answering that yes he would invade. McCain used his time to discredit Obama's response.

All I'm reading in the media today is of how most people thought it was boring, and that McCain referred to Obama as "that one". The nation appears underwhelmed by the whole affair.

Overall, I think McCain talked his way out of the election by giving his financial solutions as rebuilding the housing market. I don't think home ownership is the way of the future for today's youth.


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