Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Scooter the Scapegoat
Poor Scooter Libby. He thought he was safe in a camp of ruthless war hawks, only to become exhibit A on why people, no matter what their political rank, are not to trust our esteemed policy makers and war planners. Bush lied to the world about Iraq’s attempts to acquire ‘yellow cake’ for their mythical WMD’s. He knew it was false the entire time. All the White House pricks knew it was false, but it became necessary to build a justification for invading a country to pillage its capital and resources. They also knew the excuse wasn’t going to fly forever, and that sooner or later, the world would catch on to their deceit. Enter Scooter. He’s an ideal fall guy. Too many people know who Karl Rove is and of how he attends the top-secret meetings within the white house. They want to protect Rove, so they throw Libby to the wolves instead. After all, someone’s gotta burn for this.

This type of blame deflection seems to be a pattern. Rumsfeld faced the same heat. The war was falling apart, so they fire a cabinet member who’s on TV a lot, blame him for what went wrong (through actions, not explanations), and take all the heat off themselves in the process. It happens in sports all the time. A coach is hired on to a bad team with no talent, the team loses, the coach is fired and the blame of the losing season leaves with him. The owner is spared, the players are spared, and the fans feel placated. Rumsfeld was a fall guy too. The administration knew the war wasn’t going to go well. But regime change, liberating the Iraqi people, and stabilizing the region weren’t the real objectives for why the US invaded. We’ve established the oil contracts to the big petroleum companies while stating publicly how Iraq will control and retain profits from their oil, when really, Iraq will control less than a third of it. We’ve established groundwork to maintain a huge military and diplomatic presence there that will last forever. We’re doing our best to force our culture upon the people so that they will begin to buy things they have never needed before in order to help our economy at home, which really is the global economy anyway. Our real objectives have been completed. Back to the point.

Scooter Libby and Donald Rumsfeld are terrific examples of how the financial super powers will not only eliminate any opposition that stands in their way, but of how they’ll actually orchestrate and plan on forcing the blame for their unethical policies on the ‘yes men’ they employ. It allows the unchecked empirical global domination of capitalism to continue it’s voracious consumption of the world and it’s peoples.

I watched the State of the Union but didn’t really listen. Does it matter what he says anymore? He’s cried wolf so often that I can no longer even hear his voice. And when he is called on the carpet for his obvious dishonesty, he fires a pawn to save face.

American Cars

It was reported today American car companies continue to lose money hand over fist. Why on earth, would anyone buy a new American car? What benefits or advantages do American cars feature that foreign cars don’t? A person only buys a new American car in order to save peoples jobs at plants and factories. I think it’s amusing that Americans will do anything to get over on the next man, but we somehow have a soft spot for US automakers. Gimmie a break. First of all, Americans should be weaning themselves off of personal automobile dependence anyway, but we’ll get into that another day. The only reason those car companies haven’t closed up shop is the other rich fuckers keeping them afloat. It’s a very political scene. We need strong domestic markets to point to when hippies start screaming about globalization, even though we don’t make anything all that well in this country. We’re fed stories of all the poor people being fired from these plants, yet we rarely read anything about the small business owners forced into bankruptcy by neighboring corporations. I say let Ford die a slow, agonizing death. Let a wealthy white American executive feel the sting of a laze fare economy that they constantly impose on foreign and small domestic markets. It’s about time at least one of them faced the music.

That’s all I have time for today, but there are plenty of other stories I‘d like to address. I’ll try to keep up with these blogs more consistently, but as you all know, time is a valuable commodity. Now that the Bengals are finished (not that the painful news stories don’t continue to flood in – fucking Joseph!), I’ll try to open the range of topics I write about. Good day.


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